Types of English Speaking Courses

If you are a new immigrant and want to improve your English-speaking skills, there are many options available for you. Many colleges and universities have programs that can be helpful to you as a beginner in English by enrolling yourself in the spoken English classes in Dubai.

ELS Schools

Some of the options for learning English include ESL school classes, weekend or short-term courses, and online courses. There are also ESL teachers who are willing to help new immigrants learn English. The key is to make sure that you choose the appropriate English-speaking course for your level of experience.

IELTS Classes

You can take a one-week course through an ESL school or opt for IELTS training in Dubai. This intensive English program will teach you the basics of speaking English and will give you a firm grasp on the language. You will get a lot of practice during this one-week course. Most schools provide their students with resources such as audio tapes of the teachers talking fast and in clear English, textbooks with lesson plans, worksheets, and even interactive games that you can play.

Online Courses and E-Books

If you do not have the time to take ESL school classes, there are many free courses and free e-books available that can help you become more skilled at English. There are free English lessons online that you can view and listen to at any time. Some of the free courses that you can download include: American English, Australian English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and other languages.

Online English Comprehensive Courses

Some of the best English-speaking courses you can take include some of the online options. A comprehensive course can give you the skills you need to be able to communicate with most people in the English-speaking country. You can choose to take short online lessons, reading, and writing lessons, grammar lessons, and so much more.


The most important part of any language learning program is learning vocabulary. One of the best things about the beginner’s course you can download is that it will give you all the necessary vocabulary you will need. You can build your vocabulary through finding good books, magazines, and watching movies.

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