What are the Rules of Obtaining a Visa for Dubai?

Dubai visa is available only to those who hold an eligible travel license from any of the approved sources in the Arabian Desert. Holders of international or resident card, visa cards, or passports from any of these countries are eligible for a Dubai visa.

  • Rules of Getting a Dubai Visa:

The rules for obtaining a Dubai visa vary as per the type of visa. Most often, those who wish to stay in Dubai for business purposes have to obtain an EID or employment permit. The rules for the different types of visas, however, are different as per their validity period. Those coming for Dubai visas should check the rules for each type of visa and follow the procedure accordingly. Click now to know more about Dubai visa.

  • Dubai Visa on Arrival:

Anyone coming to Dubai for tourist purposes may apply for an EID. Only citizens of the United Arab Emirates and their immediate family (with two exceptions – if the family consists of one child and a parent) are eligible for an EID. But you are not required to have your passport stamped when applying for an EID. For a number of reasons, including duration of stay and purpose of travel, tourists who hold an eligible passport are usually granted with a Dubai visa upon arrival in the emirate.

  • Requirements of Dubai Visa:

Besides being eligible for a Dubai tourist visa, a passport is required for those who want to apply for Dubai visa and national identity card. This card proves proof of your nationality and can be used for multiple purposes, including purchasing goods in the Dubai shops, paying taxes and entering into legal agreements.

In addition to these basic requirements, there are several other things that you need to take care of in order to successfully process for Dubai visa. Most importantly, ensure that you submit all the documents that the Dubai authorities request. Some of the most important documents required by the authorities include:

  • passport-copies
  • residence applications
  • contact details
  • employment, or business permits
  • other proofs that can verify your identity.

Once these documents are submitted, the processing of your visa begins immediately.

  • Ways to Increase Your Chances to Get Dubai Visa:
  • In order to increase your chances of obtaining a Dubai tourist visa, try to gather as much information as possible about the rules for foreigners who are planning to apply for a visa.

You can obtain this information by visiting the UAE websites on the related topics or via free online tutorials. Furthermore, if you are planning to reside in Dubai, then you should hold a valid visa for the emirate.

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